Those signed up for Fall Retreat so far....



RIDES - Ride needs / offers are listed to the left of the persons name in RED. If your name is listed and your ride request is not, then click on the link above and submit a ride request/offer. If you are in need of a ride, or can give a ride, PLEASE take the initiative to contact one of the people listed below. We will update ride needs/offers much closer to the Fall Retreat weekend. If you have found a ride or your car is full, please re-submit a request and in the Comment field request your need/offer be removed.

Needs a Ride Ethan Abolins - Freshman
Dylan Adams - Senior
Allie Ahrens - Junior
Needs a Ride Madison Aloia - Freshman
Michaela Altman - Junior
Landon Amash - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Andrew Anderson - Freshman
Matthew Angel - Junior
Needs a Ride William Angell - Freshman
Needs a Ride Nathan Archer - Sophomore
Anna Kate Armstrong - Freshman
Alexis Asbury - Senior
Noah Atwood - Senior
Can Take People Lily Averette - Senior
Mason Averette - Freshman
Mary Kate Ayers - Freshman
Morgan Ayscue - Junior
Laiken Baity - Junior
Can Take People Abigail Barfield - Sophomore
Andrea Barnett - Freshman
Emerson Barney - Sophomore
Jamison Bartley - Freshman
Jaiden Bartley - Senior
Can Take People Callie Basnett - Freshman
Daniel Bass - Staff-NCSU
Mikel Bass - Staff-NCSU
Josiah Bass - Sophomore
McKinley Beaty - Senior
Can Take People Ben Beehler - Junior
Alexia Beltran - Sophomore
Whitaker Bennett - Sophomore
Leah Beyke - Freshman
Can Take People Ansh Bhandari - Freshman
Abbey Bing - Freshman
Andrew Birkner - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Casey Blackert - Sophomore
Grayson Blake - Senior
Can Take People Maddy Blong - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Peyton Blosser - Freshman
Needs a Ride Davis Blount - Freshman
Jacob Bolick - Senior
Can Take People Ana Brent - Senior
Robby Bridges - Senior
Emma Brown - Senior
Can Take People Scott Brueshaber - Junior
Needs a Ride Kennedy Buist - Freshman
Kylie Bunch - Junior
Needs a Ride Scott Burnett - Senior
Ashleigh Buser - Junior
Braedon Butcher - Senior
Tanner Cable - Junior
Shea Caldwell - Freshman
Needs a Ride Katie Caldwell - Freshman
Needs a Ride Connor Callahan - Freshman
John Camp - Junior
Ella Cannon - Sophomore
Mady Caplan - Staff-NCSU
Tim Carey - Staff-NCSU
Nicole Carey - Staff-NCSU
Can Take People Zoe Carmac - Junior
Needs a Ride Chae Cates - Freshman
Can Take People Ella Cathey - Freshman
Camryn Caudle - Sophomore
Can Take People Emily Chandler - Junior
Brandon Chase - Junior
Jessica Church - Sophomore
Ben Collins - Freshman
Tori Cooke - Junior
Audrey Cox - Junior
Can Take People Alex Creech - Freshman
Levi Curlee - Sophomore
Mia D’Ambrosio - Junior
Needs a Ride Aidan Dacanay - Freshman
Noelle Daley - Junior
Samuel Davis - Junior
Lucy Davis - Freshman
Taylor Deaton - Senior
Can Take People Cody Dedmond - Freshman
Meredith (Meri) Dellinger - Freshman
Avery Denton - Sophomore
Brooke Denton - Sophomore
Emily Dixon - Sophomore
Amber Dobbins - Freshman
Needs a Ride Ginna Dodd - Freshman
Can Take People Lindsey Dorn - Senior
Skyler Dunn - Freshman
Ben Durant - Junior
Katherine (Anne) Edwards - Senior
Needs a Ride James Edwards - Freshman
Nathan Embree - Senior
Eli Erikson - Freshman
Matthew Evans - Sophomore
Khloe Everette - Freshman
Needs a Ride Emma Faucette - Freshman
Needs a Ride Cameron Faucette - Freshman
Ellie Feaga - Junior
Natascha Feld - Senior
Sarah Felts - Freshman
Alan Ferris - Senior
Ethan Finch - Freshman
Taylor Fipps - Senior
Needs a Ride Jose Fitzgerald - Sophomore
Leif Fleming - Senior
John Floyd - Sophomore
Can Take People Ashley Ford - Sophomore
Hannah Fortson - Sophomore
Can Take People Nick Foster - Sophomore
Sean Frabitore - Senior
Can Take People Mary Elizabeth Furr - Junior
Andrea Gallegos - Junior
Caleb Gardner - Sophomore
Ryan Gates - Staff
Can Take People Will Geiger - Sophomore
Megan George - Senior
Needs a Ride Grace Gillen - Freshman
Savannah Godfrey - Freshman
Josh Goldberg - Junior
Rachel Goss - Freshman
Emma Gould - Freshman
Parker Graham - Junior
Can Take People Adeleigh Graham - Sophomore
Casey Graham - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Zoe Gray - Freshman
Can Take People Laura Griffin - Junior
Needs a Ride David Griffin - Freshman
Needs a Ride Madelyn Guin - Freshman
Madison Haas - Freshman
Can Take People Maddie Hagee - Sophomore
Sam Hall - Intern
Andrew Hammock - Sophomore
Eva Happel - Sophomore
Alex Hardin - Senior
Morgan Hargrove - Senior
Justin Harker - Staff
Can Take People Carter Hawkins - Senior
Jessica Hawkins - Junior
Jeremiah Hayes - Junior
Leeah Heath - Junior
Hope Heinrichs - Freshman
Can Take People John Hendrix - Senior
Trey Hester - Junior
Tanner Hickman - Junior
John Hinsley - Senior
Caroline Holshouser - Junior
Can Take People Jared Holt - Sophomore
Can Take People Andrew Hopkins - Grad Student
Needs a Ride Alexis Houser - Senior
Tyler Howard - Junior
Needs a Ride Lydia Huggins - Freshman
Ben Huitt - Freshman
Carrie Huneycutt - Other
Jacob Huth - Senior
Abby Hyde - Staff-NCSU
Can Take People Abby Inman - Senior
Chandler James - Grad
Margaret James - Senior
Needs a Ride Brittany Jeffries - Freshman
Needs a Ride Morgan Jeter - Freshman
Can Take People Emma Grace Jimenez - Junior
Alyssa Johnson - Senior
Can Take People Kelly Johnson - Senior
Needs a Ride Ethan Johnson - Freshman
Sydney Jones - Senior
Can Take People Ada Jones - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Tyra Jones - Freshman
Can Take People Ellia Jones - Freshman
Can Take People Tomi Nicole Kaukola - Junior
Can Take People Grace Kayler - Sophomore
Can Take People Garrett Keegan - Junior
Can Take People Daniel Kehrer - Sophomore
Alaina Kelly - Freshman
Andrea Kenny - Sophomore
Matthew Kern - Freshman
Needs a Ride Nate Kesting - Freshman
Needs a Ride Harris Khan - Junior
Can Take People Riley Kiker - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Carter Kilpatrick - Freshman
Jiwon (Jay) Kim - Senior
Needs a Ride Ethan Knodel - Freshman
Needs a Ride Robert Kobrin - Junior
Sydney Krause - Sophomore
Meagan Krings - Staff-NCSU
Needs a Ride Haley Kucma - Freshman
Needs a Ride Sara Lafortune - Freshman
Can Take People Sarah Lail - Senior
Bryce Laivins - Sophomore
Kelsey Lancaster - Freshman
Needs a Ride Caroline Land - Junior
Maria Lanier - Senior
Lily Lauffer - Sophomore
Nick Lawson - Senior
Can Take People Brooksie Lawson - Junior
Zach Lawson - Sophomore
Can Take People Madison Lawson - Sophomore
Noah Lennon - Freshman
Hayden Lewis - Senior
Can Take People Phillip Li - Senior
Abby Lin - Junior
Can Take People Ben Line - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Aubrey Loftis - Freshman
Ben Lovette - Junior
Can Take People Jordan Luciano - Senior
Logan Luparello - Junior
Can Take People Treyson Mabe - Freshman
Cam Malpass - Staff-NCSU
Ryan Markley - Freshman
Grace Martin - Senior
Tristen Mason - Freshman
Needs a Ride Brandon McAllister - Senior
Matthew McCallen - Sophomore
Can Take People Aidan McCarthy - Senior
Sydni McCormick - Senior
Jack McDonald - Freshman
Aaron McEwen - Intern
Ashley McGraw - Senior
Courtney McKinnon - Freshman
Jack McKnight - Sophomore
Pearce McKnight - Freshman
Needs a Ride Lily McLean - Freshman
Nicole McMillan - Senior
Caleb McMurray - Sophomore
Caleb Meacham - Freshman
Can Take People Caleb Meader - Senior
Leslie Meadowcroft - Sophomore
Cameron Middleton - Sophomore
Can Take People Kristan Misenheimer - Senior
Joshua Moorman - Junior
Reed Morgan - Sophomore
Can Take People Anne Morrell - Sophomore
Rachel Morris - Junior
Needs a Ride Blan Morrison - Freshman
Needs a Ride Moriah Mulig - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Rachael Mullins - Freshman
Makenna Mullis - Sophomore
Can Take People Anna Murray - Senior
Kailey Murray - Freshman
Jonathan Neil - Senior
Cara Nelson - Freshman
Camryn O’Neill - Sophomore
Jacob Orman - Intern
Luis Ortiz - Junior
Chip Overman - Senior
Needs a Ride Nancy Palethorpe - Freshman
John Palmer - Freshman
Kreston Parker - Senior
Needs a Ride Landon Parrott - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Isaac Paulakonis - Freshman
Amelia Christen Peck - Freshman
Sam Perry - Senior
David (Christian) Perry - Freshman
Needs a Ride Autumn Petree - Sophomore
Deacon Petree - Sophomore
Bailey Phillips - Senior
Lauren Phillips - Senior
Grant Phillips - Sophomore
Can Take People Bruce Porter - Junior
Needs a Ride Brooklyn Porter - Freshman
Needs a Ride Steven Powell - Sophomore
Can Take People Sav Powers - Sophomore
Jordan Praire - Sophomore
Can Take People Noah Prevatte - Freshman
Hannah Puryear - Senior
Tara Puthenveetil - Senior
Cooper Putnam - Freshman
Sarah Rachita - Senior
Can Take People Laura Radford - Sophomore
Tiyam Rajabipour - Sophomore
Can Take People Will Rathburn - Sophomore
Andelyn Ray - Staff-NCSU
Catherine Reckard - Senior
Kyndal Redmond - Senior
Needs a Ride (lv after 2:00) Seth Reynolds - Freshman
Can Take People Emma Rhyne - Freshman
Sarah Richardson - Freshman
Can Take People Caleb Riggins - Junior
Meredith Ring - Intern
Can Take People Rachel Robbins - Sophomore
Can Take People Sophie Roberts - Junior
Can Take People Justin Robins - Sophomore
Ella Rocco - Sophomore
Maddie Roddy - Sophomore
Can Take People Brooke Roed - Junior
Can Take People AJ Roger - Junior
Can Take People Luke Rogers - Junior
Laila Rogers - Freshman
Needs a Ride Kelby Rowell - Freshman
Sarah Rusche - Freshman
Jake Russell - Junior
Ben Rutledge - Junior
Olivia Samuelson - Senior
Brooke Schaffer - Senior
Sophie Scherer - Freshman
Can Take People Maddie Schneider - Senior
Can Take People Gabrielle Schuh - Senior
Claire Scott - Senior
Can Take People Cristina Sells - Junior
Needs a Ride Emma Seymour - Freshman
Rebekah Sharpe - Freshman
Can Take People Seth Shiley - Freshman
Leah Short - Sophomore
JD Shropshire - Senior
Anna Sipe - Freshman
Todd Smith - Staff-NCSU
Macey Smith - Senior
Can Take People Conner Smith - Sophomore
August Smith - Sophomore
McKayla-Hope Smith - Junior
Hannah Smith - Freshman
Chandler Smith - Freshman
Ezekiel Snyder - Junior
Can Take People Eric Spaugh - Junior
Savannah Stainback - Sophomore
Can Take People Ashley Stanfield - Senior
Can Take People Josh Stange - Sophomore
Cady Stanley - Sophomore
Can Take People Jessica Staton - Junior
Needs a Ride Gracie Stepanian - Sophomore
Mary Alice Stevens - Sophomore
Brionna Stewart - Junior
Aaron Stewart - Junior
Matthew Stikeleather - Senior
Kendal Stokes - Junior
Matt Strickland - Senior
Sullivan Strong - Senior
Lydia Stucker - Sophomore
Can Take People Jack Sullivan - Sophomore
Paige Sutherland - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Jobey Swaringen - Freshman
Can Take People Hannah Swecker - Sophomore
Needs a Ride Mary Talton - Freshman
Adeline Tart - Sophomore
Can Take People Sarah Tate - Junior
Julia Tate - Freshman
Emma Taylor - Sophomore
Can Take People Will Teachey - Grad
Can Take People David Teague - Junior
Abigail Teeters - Freshman
Ally Tennant - Freshman
Jackson Thomas - Senior
Seth Thomas - Junior
Ellie Thompson - Freshman
Caroline Thornton - Freshman
Jackson Timberlake - Freshman
Needs a Ride Breanna Titchener - Sophomore
Daniel Toney - Senior
John Trovato - Freshman
Can Take People Peyton Tucker - Senior
Carter Tumey - Freshman
Samantha Tynes - Freshman
Can Take People Chase Verm - Senior
Can Take People Kennedy Vest - Senior
Can Take People James Vlasis - Senior
Gina Volz - Freshman
Emily Vroom - Sophomore
Kylie Wade - Freshman
Rylie Wade - Freshman
Can Take People Katelyn Wallace - Junior
Emily Ward - Senior
Can Take People Lydia Ward - Junior
Matthew Ward - Freshman
Can Take People Jackson (Noah) Welch - Sophomore
Kendall Wesson - Senior
Kaitlyn Wesson - Freshman
Needs a Ride Hannah Wiebe - Freshman
Can Take People Karsen Willard - Sophomore
Ashley Williams - Freshman
Brock Williams - Freshman
Matthew Williamson - Junior
Bailey Willis - Junior
Jared Willis - Junior
Katie Wilson - Freshman
Katie Mac Wright - Junior
Needs a Ride Ashlyn Wynne - Freshman
Can Take People Caleb Youmans - Junior
Needs a Ride Natalie Zannos - Freshman
Can Take People Johnny Zavaglia - Sophomore